Gospel Invitations

Good News: You Don’t Deserve to Go to Heaven (

Prayer and Devotion

Daily Prayer Plan (

Be Small (

I Will Go Before You, by Mike Graziano (

John Knox on Pleading Your Own Righteousness (

Our God Will Come (

Revival Questions (

Evan Robert’s Revival Charges (

Scripture to Help the Christian Pray, by Chris Miner (

The Blessedness of Salvation, by Mike Graziano (

We Love Because (

This Present Evil Age

Abortion: A Young Woman’s Perspective (

Anti-Abortion Anthem (

Leonard Ravenhill on Abortion (

What does God say about abortion? (

Letter to a Certain Mainer about Abortion (

Theology: Loving God

Collected Scriptures: Apostasy, Church Discipline, and Discernment (

Collected Scriptures: A Theology of Work, by Daniel Emma (

Sovereignty of God

King Jesus, Chapter 1: What does it mean when we say God is “sovereign”?(

King Jesus, Chapter 2: God’s Sovereignty in Saving Souls (

King Jesus, Chapter 3: God’s General Sovereignty (

King Jesus, Chapter 4: God’s Sovereignty over Sin (

King Jesus, Chapter 5: Compatibilism: God’s Sovereignty and Human Responsibility (

Limited Atonement

Limited Atonement #1: Important Terms and Commanding Passages (

Limited Atonement #2: “All the World” (

Limited Atonement #3: Locking it down (

Limited Atonement #4: Remaining Questions (

Regulative Principle

The Good Parts of the Regulative Principle (

The Good Parts of the Regulative Principle: Further References (

The Promise of God, according to the Reformed Confessions of Faith (


Trinity Worksheet #1: Three in One, One in Three (

Trinity Worksheet #2: Shared Attributes between the Father, Son, and Spirit (

Trinity Worksheet #3: Further Passages on the Distinct Nature of each Person of the Trinity (

Trinity Worksheet #4: The Holy Spirit is God (

Trinity Worksheet #5: Jesus Christ is God (

Trinity Worksheet #6: The Father’s Work in Salvation (

Trinity Worksheet #7: The Son’s Work in Salvation (

Trinity Worksheet #8: The Spirit’s Work in Salvation (

John Knox for all

Knox: A Prayer from Edinburgh (

Knox: Latter Will and Legacy (

Knox: Pleading Your Own Righteousness (

Knox: Sermon on Isaiah 26 (

Knox: God’s Word (

Knox’s Private Letters

Letter 1 (

Letter 2 (

Letter 3 (

Letter 4 (

Letter 5 (

COVID-19 and the Love of Christ

COVID-19: Letter from a Pastor to His Church, by Daniel Emma (

COVID DAYS: Spiritual Checklist (

Luther on the Coronavirus (

Pro-Life Missionaries of Maine: Statement of Operations During COVID-19 (

Remember: Christ is Risen, Perfect, and Reigning (

Remember: Who You Are in Christ (

Songs in the Night: Singing in the Midst of COVID-19, SONG #1 (

Songs in the Night: SONG #2 (

Songs in the Night: SONG #2 (

Romans: Studies in Paul’s Master Epistle

Romans 8 (

Romans 9 (

Romans 10 (

Romans 11 (

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