16 Reasons You Should Not Fear Dana Coverstone’s Dreams

By Sam Caldwell “It is scary to think that there will be more believable false prophets than this man who will come. If the people are so trusting of this simple man, what will they do when greater false prophets arise with signs and wonders? Scripture will be fulfilled and many will be led astray.” –K.H. If youContinue reading “16 Reasons You Should Not Fear Dana Coverstone’s Dreams”

Letter to A Certain Mainer about Abortion

Below is a reply to this 2017 letter from Donald J. Rudalevige of Portland Maine: https://www.pressherald.com/2017/09/17/letter-to-the-editor-christian-faith-is-not-monolithic-on-abortion/# Dear Donald J. Rudalevige, I would like to offer some loving responses to your ‘Letter to the Editor.’ I am praying for you – praying to our heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, and in the powerContinue reading “Letter to A Certain Mainer about Abortion”

Abortion: A Young Woman’s Perspective

By Kayla Hebert This past Friday, while we stood at Planned Parenthood, three high school kids came and stood next to us. At the front was a girl who held a cardboard sign with the message “Abortion Rights are Human Rights” written in bold letters.  My sister challenged her, asking about the baby’s rights. She toldContinue reading “Abortion: A Young Woman’s Perspective”

What does God say about abortion?

What do you believe about abortion? Do you believe it is a sin? Do you believe it is murder? Do you say, “To each his own”? Do you say, “It’s a woman’s right to choose”? Even more importantly, do you believe that God has spoken on this issue? Do you believe in a God whoContinue reading “What does God say about abortion?”

Leonard Ravenhill on Abortion

“Almost 3000 girls under 17 get pregnant every night in the year. People were screaming a few years ago, ‘It’s wrong to go to war in Vietnam! It’s wrong to go to war!’ Why? ‘Because we’re killing people!’ And now they kill babies before they get out of the womb! You think God Almighty’s goingContinue reading “Leonard Ravenhill on Abortion”