Songs in the Night: Song #6: Doubly Good To You – by Rich Mullins

Dear family and friends, For our sixth “COVID SONG,” Kiara recorded Rich Mullins’ “Doubly Good To You.” This is such a wonderful song of love that Rich recorded for the marriage he never had. He then let Amy Grant record it instead. Kiara and I especially like how the lyrics echo Isaiah 40:2: “Speak comfortContinue reading “Songs in the Night: Song #6: Doubly Good To You – by Rich Mullins”

Remember: Who You Are in Christ

Sam Caldwell, March 19, 2020 Hello again, dear brothers and sisters in Christ. May Christ be magnified in your bodies today. In the last video, I encouraged you to remember three deep truths about God –first, that Christ is risen; second, that all of God’s ways are perfect; and third, that God is indeed inContinue reading “Remember: Who You Are in Christ”

Songs in the Night: Song #5: Complete in Him

Dear friends and family, This song just makes me weep for joy. Kiara wrote it while sequestered at home, and I was floored to hear her song-writing skills put on display for the glory of Christ in this melody. It is complex and simple at the same time. It is full of glory and graceContinue reading “Songs in the Night: Song #5: Complete in Him”

Songs in the Night: Song #4: Psalm 24

Dear friends and family, Here is our fourth song from this season of seclusion and waiting. These lyrics were written by my friend Rory St. John up in Canada. They pull from Psalm 24, and we added a chorus about Jesus arisen and ascended into heaven. We originally wrote this song months ago with ourContinue reading “Songs in the Night: Song #4: Psalm 24”

COVID-19: Letter from a Pastor to his Church

By Daniel Emma Greetings Brethren, This is a really strange time we’re living in right now. There’s a lot of confusion and speculation going on in the world right now, even amongst believers. Amidst the wide range of emotions so many different people are feeling, I thought it might be helpful to remind us allContinue reading “COVID-19: Letter from a Pastor to his Church”

Songs in the Night: SONG #3

Dear family and friends, Here is the third song Kiara and I have been working on. Listen as David cries out to God in this heart-breaking dirge! He’s crying out for salvation. He’s crying out for someone to hear his prayers! Do you want someone to hear your prayers? Jesus is the only one whoContinue reading “Songs in the Night: SONG #3”

COVID DAYS: Spiritual Checklist

Here are some things to consider daily, in order to keep our focus on Christ while sheltered in place: 1) Are you submitting all of your fears to Christ in repentance and faith? 2) How many people have you shared Jesus with in this time? 3) Is your prayer life improving? 4) Are you reliableContinue reading “COVID DAYS: Spiritual Checklist”

Songs in the Night: Singing in the Midst of COVID-19: Song #2

Dear family and friends, While we pray that scientists will find a vaccine for COVID-19, we know that the ills of our world will persist even after the virus goes away. The only cure for sin is in Jesus Christ, who is the triumphant, resurrected King over life and death! We invite you to putContinue reading “Songs in the Night: Singing in the Midst of COVID-19: Song #2”

Remember: Christ is Risen, Perfect, and Reigning

Sam Caldwell, March 18, 2020 Hello, brothers and sisters. I just wanted to give you a brief word of encouragement and a word of refreshment in this time of uncertainty. I was thinking when I woke up this morning of that man in Psalm 1. It says he is “blessed,” and he will be “likeContinue reading “Remember: Christ is Risen, Perfect, and Reigning”

Pro-Life Missionaries of Maine: Statement of Operations During COVID-19

By Sam Caldwell, Donna Hebert, and Kiara Hebert Dear friends of Pro-Life Missionaries of Maine, We greet you in the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. The weekly participants in our ministry have decided that PLMM will submit to the governing authorities and not go out to Planned Parenthood on Fridays during the current mandateContinue reading “Pro-Life Missionaries of Maine: Statement of Operations During COVID-19”