King Jesus, Chapter 5: Compatibilism: God’s Sovereignty and Human Responsibility

The doctrine of compatibilism helps us to define an astounding truth: God is sovereign and humans are responsible. God is in control and yet humans have agency. God is totally in control and at the same time humans are totally responsible. This delicate but profound truth has been conveniently called “compatibilism,”[1]  pointing to the factContinue reading “King Jesus, Chapter 5: Compatibilism: God’s Sovereignty and Human Responsibility”

What does God say about abortion?

What do you believe about abortion? Do you believe it is a sin? Do you believe it is murder? Do you say, “To each his own”? Do you say, “It’s a woman’s right to choose”? Even more importantly, do you believe that God has spoken on this issue? Do you believe in a God whoContinue reading “What does God say about abortion?”

Leonard Ravenhill on Abortion

“Almost 3000 girls under 17 get pregnant every night in the year. People were screaming a few years ago, ‘It’s wrong to go to war in Vietnam! It’s wrong to go to war!’ Why? ‘Because we’re killing people!’ And now they kill babies before they get out of the womb! You think God Almighty’s goingContinue reading “Leonard Ravenhill on Abortion”

The Blessedness of Salvation

By Mike Graziano “The blessedness of the man unto whom God imputes righteousness apart from works” (Rom. 4:6, KJV). “Cometh this blessedness upon the circumcision only?” (Rom. 4:9, KJV)  As Christians, blessedness has come upon each one of us when we repented and believed in Christ. But it can be, experientially, lost for a time. “WhereContinue reading “The Blessedness of Salvation”