Songs in the Night: Full Playlist

Dear family and friends, Here is our full playlist of songs from the COVID-19 shutdown. May God be praised! In Christ, -Sam and Kiara All 11 songs on this blog: Song 1: Song 2: Song 3: Song 4: Song 5: Song 6: Song 7: Song 8: Song 9: Song 10: Song 11:

Songs in the Night: BONUS TRACK

Dear friends and family, When Sam was growing up, there was such a thing as CDs. One of the greatest delights in his life was to search for the hidden bonus tracks on CDs. We couldn’t resist. We had to give you a bonus track, complete with Kiara’s laughs in the background. This song tellsContinue reading “Songs in the Night: BONUS TRACK”

Songs in the Night: Song #10: “Jesus, Still Lead On”

Dear family and friends, Here is our tenth song from these COVID days. We pray this post finds you safe and happy in Jesus. These lyrics were sent to us by a dear friend and mentor in the faith. We dedicate this song to her. The lyrics are by the 18th century Moravian, Count Zinzendorf.Continue reading “Songs in the Night: Song #10: “Jesus, Still Lead On””

Songs in the Night: Song #9: “Go, Labor On”

Dear family and friends, Our 9th song is about the Christian charge to “share the good news of God’s salvation from day to day” (Psalm 96). We want to encourage you to “go, labor on” through this song. May this be the soundtrack of our evangelistic lives! Here is a dear old tract about whyContinue reading “Songs in the Night: Song #9: “Go, Labor On””


Sam Caldwell Scripture speaks in big, simple, laudatory, hand-raising, sold-out, hoed-down, magisterial terms. It speaks in ejaculations of praise and joy and hope and sheltering love. It speaks in astonishment. In particular, we find what the grammarians call “qualitative adjectival/adverbial constructions” in the Bible, and many of them – phrases like, “such a…,” “what a…,” “soContinue reading “HOW GREAT A, SUCH A, WHAT KIND OF, WHAT A SAVIOR!”


Sam Caldwell Here’s a curious word-study. The word eilikrines appears twice in our New Testaments, and it is most often translated ‘sincere’ or ‘pure.’ But it is not the same as the other words for ‘sincere’ in the Greek (compare 1 Timothy 1:5, for example, where the word for ‘sincere’ literally means ‘un-hypocritical’). The wordContinue reading “Sun-Judged”

Songs in the Night: Song #8: “Sing Praise to God who Reigns Above”

Dear family and friends, “Sing Praise to God who Reigns Above” is one of the first hymns in John MacArthur’s Hymns of Grace. I found the old melody very hard to sing, so we have set these majestic lyrics to a simpler melody. This song is a bold, buffalo-roaming reminder to sing praise. Christ diedContinue reading “Songs in the Night: Song #8: “Sing Praise to God who Reigns Above””

Songs in the Night: Song #7: “Himself”

Dear family and friends, This song is a favorite for me and Kiara. The melody was written with our pastor Jeff in mind, because he likes “peppy songs.” We look forward to being back in church, where we can sing this with the guitar strumming and the cajon pressing us onward! The lyrics are byContinue reading “Songs in the Night: Song #7: “Himself””

COVID-19 in Maine, May 2020, Part #4: What about my rights?

Sam Caldwell, May 2020 1) Christians should act like Christians first, and like Americans second (or third or fourth) Our citizenship is in heaven. Our American license and passport are secondary to that fact. Actually, your national status may be even lower in both your and God’s eyes than second place. For example, you couldContinue reading “COVID-19 in Maine, May 2020, Part #4: What about my rights?”