An Offer of Great Peace

By Mike Graziano

[Great peace] have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.- Psalms 119:165 —

In these recent days of great turbulence, tumults and offense, there is offered unto us an offer of “Great Peace.” 

They that love “thy law” (God’s law, God’s word), are the recipients of such ‘Great Peace.’ Furthermore there is a promise made unto such persons that “nothing —(no unrest, tumult or disturbance) shall offend them.”

How much do you and I truly want this ‘Great Peace’? 
Do we believe Him? Is His Word right? 
The Word of the Lord IS right. Psalms 33:4—

Let us not forfeit the opportunity to know this “Great Peace” that our Lord offers to us. 
Friend, you and I will only know this “great peace” if we, in the sight of the Lord, “LOVE thy law.” For so reads the promise:
165 Great peace have they which 🤍LOVE🤍 thy 📖law📖and nothing shall offend them. – Psalms 119:165

It is your adversary—the devil’s wish, to carry you away, as with a flood (see Revelation 12:15), with all the recent tumults and disturbances the ‘prince of this world’ (John 16:11) has laid upon the earth. Permit him not to carry you away, ‘as with a flood.’

Love the law of your God, and thus enjoy the [great] peace (Psalms 119:165) which Christ means for us to have.

Remember ~
The [law] of the Lord is PERFECT, converting (restoring💖reviving💗) the soul (Psalms 19:7).

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