Songs in the Night: Song #10: “Jesus, Still Lead On”

Dear family and friends,

Here is our tenth song from these COVID days. We pray this post finds you safe and happy in Jesus.

These lyrics were sent to us by a dear friend and mentor in the faith. We dedicate this song to her.

The lyrics are by the 18th century Moravian, Count Zinzendorf. I, Sam, have spent much of this period looking into our Anabaptist brethren of the past. In Calvinist circles, we can often ignore the rich Anabaptist heritage. In fact, some of our Puritan forefathers would have exiled or persecuted these men. But COVID-19 has given many of us a chance to pray for greater unity in the Christian church. Those anabaptists who believe, with us, in the bloody cross-work of Jesus Christ, and in the perfect and full personhood of Jesus, are indeed our brothers in the faith.

One of the deepest lessons we can learn from men like Count Zinzendorf is to value the simple, practical teachings of Christ, such as the Sermon on the Mount. The Moravians were a people who took Christ’s sayings all the way to the bank. May we follow them in that, even if we don’t agree with everything they say concerning the will and the logic of grace.

We hope that the last ten songs we have sent have edified and encouraged you in the faith.

If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ, we hope that these sweet melodies might call you into the love of the most tender and life-changing Man who ever walked the face of this earth.

We love you,

May Christ be lifted high in song!

-Kiara and Sam

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