Songs in the Night: Song #7: “Himself”

Dear family and friends,

This song is a favorite for me and Kiara. The melody was written with our pastor Jeff in mind, because he likes “peppy songs.” We look forward to being back in church, where we can sing this with the guitar strumming and the cajon pressing us onward!

The lyrics are by A. B. Simpson, and they are all about Christian growth. Has this time been a time of growth for you? It sure has for us. The first verse reads, “Once it was the blessing, now it is the Lord. Once it was the feeling, now it is His Word.” It seems all Christians are being led away from reliance on blessings and feelings, and toward a dependence on nothing but His Word and Himself! May we grow up into the Head, who is Christ. May this time be one of maturation and holy mellowing for God’s people.

Finally, the chorus presents you with a resolution – “All in all forever, only Christ I’ll sing. Every breath is for Him, for Christ is everything!” Let Christ be our Praise and our Song – no matter the situation, no matter the cost!

In Christ,

-Sam and Kiara

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