Songs in the Night: Song #6: Doubly Good To You – by Rich Mullins

Dear family and friends,

For our sixth “COVID SONG,” Kiara recorded Rich Mullins’ “Doubly Good To You.” This is such a wonderful song of love that Rich recorded for the marriage he never had. He then let Amy Grant record it instead.

Kiara and I especially like how the lyrics echo Isaiah 40:2: “Speak comfort to Jerusalem, and cry out to her, That her warfare is ended, That her iniquity is pardoned; For she has received from the LORD’s hand double for all her sins.” That “double blessing” is not just for married people, and I don’t think Rich’s intention in speaking of the Lord’s “double goodness” was to speak only of marriage. He even says at one point that we should rejoice if the Lord has been “singly good” to us as well!

But what an incredible gospel truth – that the Lord has given us “double” for all our sins. Believers deserve hell and judgment, but because of Christ’s blood-covering, we receive blessing upon blessing. Oh thank the Lord – He has been doubly good!

And then of course, there IS a special “double goodness” to look forward to in marriage. But we don’t know it yet! We can only anticipate that it will be exceedingly greater than anything we could have imagined!

We can’t wait to hear this song at our wedding in August. O speed the day, Lord!

In Christ,


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