Songs in the Night: Song #5: Complete in Him

Dear friends and family,

This song just makes me weep for joy. Kiara wrote it while sequestered at home, and I was floored to hear her song-writing skills put on display for the glory of Christ in this melody. It is complex and simple at the same time. It is full of glory and grace at the same time.

A beautiful melody is a delicate thing. A beautiful melody must have the balance of Christ – tender and yet just. I believe you will see the face of Jesus Christ reflected in the contours of this melody Kiara has written.

Kiara got the lyrics from Elizabeth Prentiss, who grew up in Maine under the ministry of her father, Edward Payson. We now labor in his fields. We now desire to see the revivals he saw. O God!

But no matter what may come, we rest in the complete and perfect actions of Christ. We are complete in Him, as this song tolls out.

I’ve never heard a more beautiful melody, nor a truer truth.

In the love of Christ,


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