Songs in the Night: Song #4: Psalm 24

Dear friends and family,

Here is our fourth song from this season of seclusion and waiting.

These lyrics were written by my friend Rory St. John up in Canada. They pull from Psalm 24, and we added a chorus about Jesus arisen and ascended into heaven.

We originally wrote this song months ago with our friends Pennie Drew, Allie and Josh Hebert, and Chris Miner. That night was so full of joy and rambunctious children! Now we are denied those things, but a song like this can remind us of the glories of fellowship around a Savior who is remembered but not seen.

Let me explain how this marvelous Psalm fits into the story of your salvation:

How does Jesus save? He saves by grace. That means that He saves by the power of His own love alone. He offers Himself as a sacrifice for sinners, and He tells us that there is absolutely nothing we can do or need to do to help Him save us.

We like to think we can get into heaven by being good people, but Jesus tells us to stop trying. We could never be that good, because we are sinners. Our whole lives are bent against a holy God. We don’t love God as we should, and we don’t love our neighbors as ourselves. He saves us by giving us a gift we will never deserve, a gift we could never earn, a gift that is free and incredible – His love! Instead of telling how we can get ourselves to heaven, this Psalm pictures how Jesus blazed the trail into heaven for us.

His death was full of sacrificial love. And His death was followed by His mighty resurrection from the grave. He triumphed over death, He rose victorious over sin and Satan. This Psalm describes the moments when Jesus entered heaven and took His place at the right hand of the Father. He rules now from that exalted place, where He calls you away from yourself and into His love.

We want to invite you to turn to Christ in this season of COVID-19. May He be your King of Glory!

–Sam and Kiara

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