Songs in the Night: SONG #3

Dear family and friends,

Here is the third song Kiara and I have been working on. Listen as David cries out to God in this heart-breaking dirge! He’s crying out for salvation. He’s crying out for someone to hear his prayers!

Do you want someone to hear your prayers?

Jesus is the only one who can get you an audience with God the Father. For there is only one Mediator between God and men – the man Christ Jesus.

This prayer-hearing Mediator interposed His flesh between sinful men and a perfect, holy God. He died for sinners like you, sinners like us. His death was gruesome and bloody. His death was full of sacrificial love. His death is what David is singing into here. And His death was followed by His mighty rising from the grave! He triumphed over death, He rose victorious over sin and Satan. He rules now from heaven, where He calls you away from yourself and into His love.

When you know Christ, you can sing with David, “The Lord has heard my supplication! The Lord will receive my prayer!”

For Jesus’ sake,

–Sam and Kiara

Here is a PDF of the sheet music, along with a recording.

Be sure to turn on the subtitles on the recording to get the lyrics to this Psalm!

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