COVID DAYS: Spiritual Checklist

Here are some things to consider daily, in order to keep our focus on Christ while sheltered in place:

1) Are you submitting all of your fears to Christ in repentance and faith?

2) How many people have you shared Jesus with in this time?

3) Is your prayer life improving?

4) Are you reliable in church participation and love for the brethren?

5) Are you repenting in light of God’s providential judgment?

6) Are you considering if you are truly a Christian in this time? Are you “making your calling and election sure”?

7) Are you expressing love for your neighbor? In what ways could you be doing more to reach out to those around you in love?

8) Are you being diligent in prayer, Bible reading, and meditation?

9) Are you remembering to worship God in song and praise?

10) Are you waiting for it all to be over, or are you living as a Christian now?

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