Leonard Ravenhill on Abortion

“Almost 3000 girls under 17 get pregnant every night in the year. People were screaming a few years ago, ‘It’s wrong to go to war in Vietnam! It’s wrong to go to war!’ Why? ‘Because we’re killing people!’ And now they kill babies before they get out of the womb! You think God Almighty’s going to put up with America much longer? I don’t.” (From No Man is Greater Than His Prayer Life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M20aQ7ODuuw around minute 21)

“We’re living in a day of arrogant, militant paganism. We’re living in a day where people boast about sin. People used to do it in a corner and blush if they were found out. The girl used to be embarrassed and humiliated and be a leper. In the area where I lived in England, years ago when I was a boy, 60 years back, a girl who got pregnant – oh you would hear about it! Oh, it was a tragedy! People used to groan and weep and feel ashamed. She’s polluted the whole district! She is having a baby out of wedlock. Now you get women on TV boasting they’ve had a number of them [abortions]. You get people openly, brazenly talking about the methods of it [abortion]. Can you think of an educated nation where somebody puts a gadget into a woman and rips out an unborn baby and then you flush it down the toilet, and you call it education?…Listen, if that’s the joy of life, why is the suicide rate so high?” (No Man is Greater Than His Prayer Life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M20aQ7ODuuw around minute 35)

“When they said about abortion, ‘This is a very emotional issue…’ It’s not an emotional issue, it’s a moral issue! And it’s a spiritual issue! ‘Oh, we don’t want a nuclear war! That would destroy a lot of our young people.’ Doesn’t that sound very holy and compassionate? They don’t want young men to go to war; they want to murder them in the womb! Which is the worse? We should take care of our young people for the next generation. There won’t be any young people in the next generation. Their womb is their tomb. Is God going to wink about iniquity much longer?” (From Travailing In Prayer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzsOkOREB6E&t=1965s32:40)

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